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Tokyo based UK and Irish rock band: Earls Court

Inspired by 1990s UK and Irish rock, Tokyo based rock band "Earls Court" put their own special spin on the genre by blending Pop, Rock, British pop, Irish music, and Oriental music with Japanese lyrics.

Signed with "District Line Records" the band consists of five members, Takanobu Nogi (guitar), Shota Sakurai (bass), Kojira Kita (vocals), Jun Kohama (guitar) and Mai Mai, aka "Mai Koike" (drums). To date, they have released three albums (including EPs) as well as a single titled, "Song for Resurrection" [Asia Versus]. The band have also released a cover of "There She Goes" by The La's as part of an ongoing project called - THE GREAT RESURRECTION PROJECT - which features reworks and covers of various UK and Irish rock songs.

Earls Court - Resistance
From the EP Ikaros ga Miteita Keshiki 

Earls Court's loving and refreshing interpretation of UK and Irish rock, is perfectly encapsulated within the bands latest EP "Ikaros ga Miteita Keshiki", with the opening track "Resistance" serving as a fantastic jumping on point for those new to the band.  

The track leads you in with the punchy rock sounds of electric guitar, backed up by bold bass and hard-hitting drum beats, followed shortly by Kojira Kita's strong and melodic vocals lending a warm and rhythmic tone to the piece. The chorus bring new energy into the song by switching things up, replacing the punchy rock tunes with a more sobering and melancholic tone.Whilst the vocal track goes to work pulling at your heart strings, before tossing you back into a pool of edgy and atmospheric sounds. After a second verse and chorus the song tails off into all out rock, finishing with a hard close.

Instrumentally, the song has a warm and balanced accompaniment, with various rock and pop genres blended together, resulting in a remarkably fresh and unique sound. The vocal track flows wonderfully with the instrumentation, offering various layers of emotion and diverse shifts in dynamic that keep you engaged and entertained throughout.

By blending various pop and rock genres together and mixing them with the best of UK and Irish rock music, the group have crafted a sound that not only compliments the source from which they draw their inspiration, but provides listeners with an enjoyable and modern take on the genre, with Earls Court's genuine passion and unique personality shining through.

Whilst I still have some catching up to do with their earlier work,"Ikaros ga Miteita Keshiki" makes for an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable EP, as well as presenting a superb entry point for potential new fans.

For those of you who'd like to check out their song for yourselves, you can find the MV for "Resistance" linked above. Enjoy!

Check out Earls Cout's website earls-court.org
Follow them on Facebook facebook.com/EarlsCourt.official
Follow them on Twitter @EarlsCourt_info / Takanobu Nogi @nogi_earlscourt / Shota Sakurai @sakurai_earls / Kojira Kita @kita_earlscourt / Jun Kohama @jun_EarlsCourt / Mai Mai @3362mai0218

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