Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tokyo based punk-rock band: younGSounds

Pushing punk beyond the bounds, Tokyo based punk-rock band "Youngsounds" artfully written as "younGSounds" offer up their very own unique brand of sound, with a novel fusion of hardcore punk-rock and rhythmic hip-hop dance music. 

Formed back in 2007 and signed with Japanese publisher "SPACE SHOWER MUSIC", the band is currently comprised of, Morikawa Atsushi (vocals), Yakenohara (sampler, rap), Ken Takehisa (guitar), Minoru Kakinuma (drums), Nakao Kentaro (bass) and miesha (keyboard, cho) To date, they have released two albums, "bootleg of ys" in 2009 and most recently "More Than TV" in 2012.

younGSounds - younGSounds No Disco
From the album More Than TV

Offering up a mixed medley of musical marvels, their second album "More Than TV" is bursting with a wide varied of sounds, from hardcore punk, hip-hop, funk and more, with the track "younGSounds No Disco" providing the perfect jumping on point for those new to younGSounds's fun loving and contemporary style.

Opening with funky, rhythmic beats provided by keyboard, drum and bass, followed by the warm, tuneful sounds of electric guitar. The tone on offer here is up-beat and groovy, all the while oozing passionate punk spirit. Joining the ensemble are rhythmic, rap vocals bringing a punchy tone to the groovy vibes presented by the instrumentation. 

As the pace builds, passionate chants of D.I.S.C.O!!! resonate, followed by fast paced, rhythmic and stylish vocals that close to distortion and reverb, to be followed by the groovy samplings of "She Can't Love You" by Chemise, with younGSounds vocals chiming in making for a surprisingly catchy sound. The song wraps up after a second verse followed by a chorus, to be capped off nicely by "She Can't Love" You closing to the echoing sounds of reverb. All-in-all, "younGSounds No Disco" is a fun, upbeat song that oozes punk spirit and hits hard with groovy hip-hop beats.

Demonstrating good range and skilful composition, younGSounds have proven to be an exceptionally talented bunch, their second album offers a nice variety of tracks, with some very notable selections, "younGSounds No Disco" being one of them, with its catchy, up-beat groove and powerful punk infused vibe, it is sure to bring a smile to your face and a rhythm to your step.

While I still have some catching up to do with their earlier work, "More Than TV" has certainly peaked my interest, and provided ample reason to make myself more familiar with the bands unique blend of punk & hip-hop dance music.

For those of you who'd like to check out their song for yourselves, you can find the MV for "younGSounds No Disco" linked above. Enjoy!

Follow younGSounds on Twitter @Slappie_grind Morikawa Atsushi / @yakenohara_taro Yakenohara / @takehisaken  Ken Takehisa / Minoru Kakinuma (???) / @kentaro_nakao Nakao Kentaro / @miesha_love Miesha

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