Thursday, 26 March 2015

J-tunes daily: Girugamesh - INCOMPLETE

Song of the day
Girugamesh - INCOMPLETE 

Girugamesh is a Japanese Visual Kei rock & metal band, formed in 2003. The bands name is sometimes stylised with a metal umlaut as "Girugämesh" and is derived from the Final Fantasy character "Gilgamesh", who was also based on the character of the same name in the Sumerian poem, "Epic of Gilgamesh". 

Signed with Japanese record label "Danger Crue" and "Gan-Shin" for European releases, the band is currently comprised of Satoshi (vocals, lyrics), Nii (lead & rhythm guitar), Shuu (bass, leader, backing vocals) and Яyo (drums, primary songwriter) To date, they have released 10 albums (including EPs) as well as a whopping 23 singles, with their most recent single being the sensational "INCOMPLETE" in September 2013.

"INCOMPLETE" leads you in slowly, opening to the punchy, rhythmic sounds of electric guitar, followed Satoshi's distinct and expressive vocals. Then explodes as the instrumentation comes into full force, hitting you like wall of sound with powerful, heavy metal vibes that permeate throughout. The vocal track is raw and edgy, with impressive usage of sfx techniques, complimenting the powerful and exciting sounds provided by the accompaniment. Whilst the various shifts in dynamic add a compelling additional layer, resulting in a thoroughly engaging and exhilarating piece that any metal fan can enjoy.

You can check out the song in the link above and if you like, let us know what you think in the comment section. You can also find yesterdays song of the day here, J-tunes daily: Yoshino Nanjo - Kimi Ga Emu Yuugure

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