Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Three-piece melodic punk band: EVERLONG - YUME

EVERLONG is a Nagoya based three-piece melodic punk band with a fresh sound and a cool style. Signed to "TRUST RECORDS" the group consists of Mituhiro (vocal & Bass), kimu (drums & chorus), Yuta (vocal & guitar). Today the band members, along with their friends share their dreams in the new PV for "Yume," the song is featured in their second full-length album titled "Coin Laundry ni wa", which was also released today.

From the album Coin Laundry ni wa

Catchy, upbeat and pleasantly poppy, "Yume" opens to the sound of clashing cymbals, then explodes with the chill tunes of electric guitar, rhythmic bass and hard-hitting drum beats. The fun and exciting accompaniment is joined by the bands strong and expressive vocals, with each members voice adding a uniquely pleasant sound to the piece, that combines wonderfully making for a cool, catchy chorus that's followed up by a fun and invigorating guitar solo.

The stylish and engaging vocal track combines perfectly with the rich, full accompaniment, producing an enjoyable and exhilarating sound. With sharp shifts in dynamic and powerful, captivating lyrics bringing it all together, "Yume" is a cool, upbeat punk song that will get your blood pumping and your head rocking!

For those of you who'd like to check out their song for yourselves, you can find the PV for "Yume" linked above. Enjoy!

Check out EVERLONG's website:
Follow them on Twitter: @xxxEVERLONGxxx / Mituhiro @michun2388 / kimu @kimu_EVERLONG / Yuta @okuyu_EVERLONG

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