Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tokyo based Grunge / Alternative rock band: THE TEENAGE KISSERS

Inspired by the Grunge movement that surfaced in the United States during the mid 1980s and went on to take the world by storm, The Teenage Kissers set out to shake Japan with their own unique take on the genre.

Formed in 2012 and signed with Japanese publisher Media Factory, the band is comprised of well known singer-songwriter, Nana Kitade (vocals/guitar), Hideo Nekota (bass), Mai Koike (drums) and Tsubasa Nakada (guitar). During their 2 plus years of activity The Teenage Kissers have released several singles (although these singles are only available in physical form in Japan) as well as a mini album titled Perfectly Dirty and more recently their first full album titled Virgin Field, both of which can be found on iTunes and are available for import.

Venus Hypnosis from the album Virgin Field

The bands Grunge roots are exemplified by songs such as Black Skinny Bird and Venus Hypnosis, with punchy bass-lines, hard-hitting drum beats, powerful guitar riffs and edgy vocals, that take you by the ears and keep you hooked with Grunge infused vibes from beginning to end. While songs such as Flower Bed and I Love You And Kiss Me lean more towards alternative rock, with up-beat rhythms and a catchy chorus that stands in stark contrast to the deep and contradictory message being conveyed through the lyrics.

Fans of Nana Kitade will already be aware of her distinctly unique singing style and strong vocal projection, as well as her penchant for hidden meanings and conflicting statements within her lyrics. Nana's warm and expressive voice contrasts well against the dark composition found in the more aggressive songs such as Damage and Halt creating a bitter sweet quality that will rock you to your core and leave you with goose bumps. While her warm, high-pitched vocals blend beautifully with the dreamy vibes of Daydreamer and the pop-like, up-beat tones of Wendy.

English lyrics are scattered throughout many of their songs, however Black Skinny Bird and the bands special cover of Velvet Underground's Sunday Morning are sung entirely in English. The lyrics are clear, defined and oozing with emotion.

The composition throughout is varied and impressive, keeping you engaged with thoughtful shifts in tone and rhythm that help set the mood for each song. Composition is largely taken care of by Hideo Nekota, however Nana Kitade is the producer of the group and is responsible for the final arrangement.

Suffice it to say, The Teenage Kissers have demonstrated great range and talent and I am personally looking forward to hearing more from them. Fans of Grunge or those who are simply looking for something a bit different should check out their MV up top, and prepare to become immersed in a wave of rich, mesmerising vocals and hard-hitting bass-lines.

Check out the bands website theteenagekissers.com
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Follow them on Twitter @TTAK_OFFICIAL / Nana Kitade @PRINCESSNANA73 / Hideo Nekota sadvacation.home-bird.net  / Mai Koike @3362mai0218 / Tsubasa Nakada @tsubasa_nakada

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