Sunday, 8 March 2015

Instrumental jazz-punk band KAGERO - OVERDRIVE

Rocking Japan for over a decade with their overwhelming punk spirit and avant-garde style, instrumental jazz-punk quartet, KAGERO have gained fans worldwide with their unique sounding music. Signed with Japanese publisher Media Factory the band is comprised of, Yu Shiromizu (bass), Ryu "Ruppa" Sasaki (Sax), Chieko Kikuchi (Piano) and Tomomichi Hagiwara (drums) to date they have released 8 albums, most notably the immensely popular "KAGERO III" and "KAGERO ZERO", as well as 3 singles, "Cry-Baby", "THE FOREST" and the sensational "Overdrive" that can be found on their new album "KAGER0 IV".


Opening to the clash of cymbals, the track explodes right out of the gate hitting you hard-and-fast with vibrant sounds of piano, booming bass-lines and warm drum-beats, quickly followed by the soulful tunes of saxophone as it takes centre stage. While at first seeming ecstatic, the instrumentation is surprisingly competent if not a little unorthodox, each instrument works together to create an incredibly catchy and entertaining sound that thrills the senses The track is thoroughly engaging throughout (I've honestly found myself humming it quite a few times) partly in thanks to its unorthodox style, but also due to just how pleasing each instrument is to listen to.

With over 10 years of experience under their belt, KAGERO continues to shock and thrill jazz-punk fans the world over with their unique and often avant-garde take on the genre. OVERDRIVE being no exception, offers a unique and entertaining sound that puts the "punk" into "jazz-punk".

For those of you interested in checking the track out for yourselves take a listen to the official MV up top.

Check out the bands website
Follow them on Twitter @kagero_official / Yu Shiromizu @YuShiromizu / Ryu "Ruppa" Sasaki @ruppasax  / Chieko Kikuchi @C8H8I8E8K8O / Tomomichi Hagiwara @hagieeeeeeee

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