Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tokyo based DJ & singer songwriter: Mi​Hi​RO

Today we're taking a listen to the musical stylings of the lovely, talented DJ and singer songwriter MiHi​RO, from Shinjuku Tokyo. Mi​Hi​RO has performed at various clubs and live venues across Japan, earning herself a modest but loyal fanbase in the process with her impressive mixes, broad range of music genres and beautiful, expressive vocals.

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Starting off with the punchy pop piece titled, "Bitter Valentine". The song flows to the tuneful sounds of keyboard, drums and cymbals, all joined by MiHiRO's beautiful and expressive sounding vocals. Instrumentally, the song has a poppy, upbeat vibe which contrasts well with the sombre tone provided by the vocal track. The melancholy melody lends a slight sharpness to the overall sound, whilst the cheery tunes provided by the accompaniment produce a catchy and rhythmic beat, resulting in a pleasantly bitter sweet piece.

Moving on to some electric goodness now with the song "Colour gang". MiHi​RO's cute sounding vocals flow harmoniously with the rich, smooth sounding accompaniment, later joined by warm attractive backing vocals that add an extra alluring layer to the piece. The vocal track is heartfelt and appealing, whilst the rich, tuneful instrumentation provide an upbeat, rhythmic sound. "Colour gang" is a simple but well composed piece, with pleasant vibes and catchy tunes that are sure put a smile on your face. 

Last but not least we have "If I was skinny when I met you". Offering up a unique and sweet sounding rap song, sung to the beat of warm drums, tuneful keyboard and various electronic music. This novel fusion of up-beat, rhythmic tunes and cute, stylish rap vocals is both impressive and refreshing. Instrumentally the song has a rich, full accompaniment that compliments the vocal track nicely, with competent uses of vocal layering and backup vocals that add an extra engaging layer to the piece. "If I was skinny when I met you" puts a surprisingly cute spin on rap, with its refreshingly cheerful tone and warm, upbeat vocals.

While MiHi​RO has yet to break out into the mainstream, she's certainly demonstrated talent and diversity in her music so far. With her beautiful, expressive vocals and  impressive mixes that cover a broad range of music genres, I'm looking forward to hearing more from the talented DJ and singer songwriter MiHi​RO.

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