Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tokyo based Grunge / Alternative rock band: Wash?

Wash? is a Tokyo based Grunge / Alternative rock band with a sharp sound and a wild style. Signed with Japanese publisher BounDEE by SSNW, the band was formed in 2002 by Dai Okumura (vocals & guitar) along with now former member, Namba Masato (vocals & guitar). In 2012 the band was joined by Sugiyama KoTadashi (drums) and Kawasaki Masamitsu (bass), Namba Masato subsequently left Wash? in July 2014 and the band continued on as a trio.

To date, the band have released several albums such as Distraction e.p. ~Sessions for the rebels~ and most recently, Hurt me. Their music is currently only available in Japan and often sold at their live gigs.

Wash? live performance at ENKEN

Opening with Dai Okumura's stylish and edgy sounding vocals, Hurt me is sung rhythmically to the beat of hard-hitting bass-lines, punchy drum-beats and powerful electric guitar riffs. The tone of the song grows edgier and wilder until erupting at around a minuet in, at which point the instrumentation hits you at full force, enveloping you in a wave of powerful Grunge infused sounds, accompanied by the passionate and enthusiastic yells of "YEAH!" emanating from each band member. The song builds to its climax with one last heartfelt yell capping it off nicely.

Followed up swiftly by the fast paced SLOWDANCE, starting as it means to go on - fast and hard - The bassy tones and heavy drum beats, lead by powerful yet melodic sounds of electric guitar, are promptly joined by confident, expressive vocals. The song loses no steam as it transitions from it's fast paced intro, into an equally fast paced verse and hard hitting chorus, full of passionate yells and electric tones, as well a thrilling guitar solo that leads us to the final explosive stretch of the song, ending with yet another heartfelt yell to close.

Followed last but not least, by the up-beat alt-rock sounds of
Macho. The song leads you in with rich, rhythmic electric guitar sounds, backed up by the punchy, vibrant tones provided by the drum and bass. Dai Okumura's vocals are strong and expressive, giving off a real sense of fun and excitement that matches the up-beat tone conveyed by the instrumentation, creating an exciting and energetic rock-and-roll piece that'll have you jamming along.

With their intense spirit and wild style, Wash? offers a refreshing and unique sound that I'm personally looking forward to hearing more of. For those of you looking to check them out for yourselves, click the link above to watch one of their live gigs.

Check out the bands website
Follow them on Twitter @wash_368 / Sugiyama KoTadashi @t_sugiyama09 / Dai Okumura @daiokumura  / Kawasaki Masamitsu @kawasaki_bass

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