Friday, 27 March 2015

J-tunes daily: PIKO - Make My Day!

Song of the day 
PIKO - Make My Day!

Piko is a male Japanese pop singer signed to "Sony Music Entertainment" under the sub-label "Ki/oon Music". Popularly referred to as "Ryouseirui" meaning "both voice types") a fan-made word used to describe his vast vocal range that includes notes both typical of male and female voice types. To date, Piko has released eight singles and five albums, with the album "PIKOllection Best+4" being his mot recent release.

Piko also provided the voice library for "Utatane Piko", the first Vocaloid from Sony Music Distribution which uses the "Vocaloid2 engine" and is currently a Vocaloid Producer going by the name of Chuutoro-P.

Fast paced, fun and pleasantly poppy, "Make My Day!" is all these things and more. Instrumentally, the piece is rich and lively, with punchy, pop sounds blending together wonderfully with Piko's warm and exceptionally diverse vocals. Sharp but competent shifts in dynamic help add an extra layer of fun to the over all sound, with the vocal track changing in tone and pitch to compliment the varied accompaniment. All in All  "Make My Day!" makes for a light-hearted, fun and thoroughly enjoyable pop song that would make just about anybodies day.

If you like you can check out the song in the link above and let us know what you think. You can also find yesterdays song of the day here, J-tunes daily: Girugamesh - INCOMPLETE

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