Friday, 20 March 2015

J-tunes daily: BUMP OF CHICKEN - Firefly

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Bump of Chicken is a Japanese rock group from Sakura, Chiba, Japan. Formed in 1994 the band consists of Motoo Fujiwara (Vocal & Guitar), Hiroaki Masukawa (Guitar), Yoshifumi Naoi (Bass) and Hideo Masu (Drum). Since their inception they have released twenty-three singles and 7 albums, with their upcoming single "Hello, World!/Colony" set to release in April 22, 2015, standing as their twenty-fourth single. Their music has been used as theme songs in various video games, anime, movies and television shows in Japan.

Opening to the pleasant sounds of smooth rock, followed by Motoo Fujiwara's distintcly warm and melodic vocals, Firefly oozes upbeat, feel good vibes throughout. Whilst the songs structure is rather simplistic, it makes up for its simplicity with slight but competent shifts in dynamic that help add an extra emotional layer to the piece. The strong and expressive vocal track flows wonderfully to the rhythmic pacing provided by the full and varied instrumentation, resulting in a song that will leave you both emotionally charged and thoroughly entertained . 

If you like you can check out the song in the link above and let us know what you think.
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